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Turmeric for Weight Loss

Turmeric for weight loss - can turmeric burn fat?

Turmeric is being touted as the latest discovery in weight loss herbs, and for good reasons. You've probably used turmeric in cooking - in curries and sauces, but did you know it also helps to burn fat?

This yellow coloured spice helps convert white fat to brown fat. Studies show that people with more brown fat have a lower body mass index (BMI). Because turmeric contains curcumin it can help to convert white fat to brown fat in multiple ways. It's an amazing discovery which can help you to boost your health & weight loss plan.

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EvoSport Supplements

Evolution Slimming launches

Evolution Slimming's Sports Nutrition range now has a new home - Quality, premium sports nutrition supplements from whey protein to pre-workout powders are now available directly at EvoSport Sports Nutrition. A complete range of sports nutrition supplements. Let's keep...

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What is Collagen and when should you take it?

What is Collagen and when should you take it?

You've always used moisturisers, serums and balms to protect your skin, but what about looking after your skin from the inside as well? Collagen protein is available in collagen tablets and powder form (although the powder doesn't taste brilliant -...

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Bloating or constipated? Try a herbal colon cleanse.

Beat the bloat with a colon cleansing supplement

Do you suffer from bloating after eating? If you're feeling sluggish, tired and struggle to lose weight, a herbal colon cleanse could help you feel better. If your diet is low in fibre and you regularly enjoy processed foods, there...

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